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How to See What’s Important

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s important… When my son was born there were some complications. He wasn’t breathing well, so they took him to the ICU and hooked him up to a lot of machines. His mom was recovering from the surgery, so I was the only one able to go and see him. I remember how scared I was for him and for us that day. This was our first child, our son, the child we had been praying for.

As I approached his small bed, my heart was raising and felt like it had dropped down to my stomach. All I could see were tubes and wires running everywhere. When I came around to the side of the bed, tears running down my face, I reached over and placed my hand on his tiny head and rubbed it gently. I will never forget the feeling of that moment. (As I am writing this post, I am reminded by tears of emotions.) While I was rubbing his head he opened his bright blue eyes and looked at me. It was more than just a look though, it was an acknowledgment and an awareness. He could have looked anywhere in the room, it was his first day on this earth, but he chose to look my direction and see me.

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